Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. English and Staff:

“I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the results from my surgery.  I was a 55 year old woman requesting improvement to my lower eyelids and lower face.  I had heavy bags and hollowness under my eyes.  My lower face was sagging and my neck looked older than I felt.  Dr. English suggested a lower facelift with a chemical peel around my eyes.  After thoroughly researching Dr. English, I made a decision to have my surgery in Little Rock.  I live in North West Arkansas but did not find a physician in that area that I was comfortable with.

Recovery was a slight inconvenience, but the results of looking 10-15 years younger were well worth it!  I will never forget the recovery process and the exceptional follow up care that I received.  Dr. English and his staff were available for questions any time of the day or night.  I found him to very conscientious, compassionate, and sympathetic during my healing process.  I look very natural and pretty.  People are amazed when they see me.  I would highly recommend Dr. Jim English and the English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center.”   – Linda* 

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“As the newest member of the Dr. Jim English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, I have the distinct pleasure of working with the most caring and genuinely dedicated professionals in my 18 year CRNA aesthetic career. Each patient is made to feel that they are the most important individual when interacting with his staff members who always have a smile on their faces as well as a positive attitude. This has made me feel right at home and a joy to work with.”

— James R. Acree, PhD., CRNA*
“Each of us gets one chance to make a first impression. Dr. English’s impressive portfolio, outlining his honors and certification, served as my initial introduction which in turn, enticed me to schedule a consultation for the purpose of meeting and discussing my desired procedures with this physician who has been voted among the Best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons in Arkansas.

Through excellence of staff in respective specialized areas at English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, the continuum of exceptional patient care was delivered, thus, upholding and honoring the integrity of Dr. English’s reputation for perfection.

Lastly diligent follow-up after my surgery ensured complete satisfaction with my entire Patient Experience.”

— Judith*
“My daughter in law had her nose broken, in an automobile accident, several years ago. After consulting with me about her situation, I referred her to Dr. English. Not only did he correct her septal deviation, he also corrected the somewhat bulbous tip of her nose, and even put a slight upward tilt to it. The results were amazing, and exceptionally beautiful. My wife had an augmentation of her breasts in 1985, performed by her hometown physician. In 2002, she had developed some leakage from both implants, which necessitated their removal, along with essentially all of her breast tissue beneath the skin surface. This is a technically difficult and very tedious procedure that took about four and a half hours to perform. After a little fine-tuning the size of the new implants, the results were, as you would expect from one of Dr. English’s surgical procedures, simply beautiful. By the way, her hometown physician happens to be me, her husband.
In 2004, my wife decided to have Dr. English perform some cosmetic facial surgery, along with a bit of liposuction. The result is that she now looks some 15 years younger, and so very natural, as if she just stepped back in time.

The attention to detail, kindness, talent, and dedication of Dr. English is unsurpassed by anyone in his profession. Though these attributes, his desire, and his intelligent determination, he has certainly brought about his own “luck”.

Dr. English’s staff desires a special note of thanks, especially Janna Smiley and Dianne Orrell for their pre-op and post-op care, consideration, and kindness.”

— Dr. and Mrs. Eddie McCarty Helena, Arkansas*
I once read that there is no such thing as “luck” – that “luck” only comes about when opportunity meets desire and intelligent determination. Well, this would certainly apply to Dr. English. Through his years of training and dedication to his chosen profession, he has obtained his desire for perfection of his surgical procedures.”

— Helen*
“Dear Dr. English,
I have never asked three physicians for a referral and had them all three refer me to one physician until last year when I found myself in need of some reconstructive surgery. Three physicians, all with different specialties, from different medical centers in Little Rock, referred me to you.

Having been under your care for almost four months, it is very easy for me to understand why I was referred to you. Your thorough examination revealed a much more serious problem than was first identified; one which would not have been identified until later with potentially much more serious consequences. You spent that time necessary with me to make sure I understood the procedure you were going to perform. You answered all the questions I thought to ask before I had left your office, fully and without hesitation during the time leading up to the surgery.

Having had this procedure 25 years ago, I was dreading the same recovery period and discomfort I had experienced during that time. This time my discomfort level was almost non-existent and my recovery time was less than half from my previous experience. I attribute this directly to your skill as a surgeon and your ability to put an apprehensive patient at ease prior to and after surgery.

I also want to compliment you on your staff. I have visited your office no less than 7 times. Each and every time I was met with a genuine smile from all your staff whether they worked in a direct patient care capacity or not. Your entire staff was genuinely concerned for my well being. After my surgery, a member of your staff contacted me daily for the next seven days, including that Christmas and the following weekend. I cannot tell you how impressive this was to me.

Dr. English, I have been a licensed medical professional for over 25 years. I have rarely seen, much less experienced, such a high level of patient care as I have from you and your staff at English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center. You and your staff provide an excellent example of how patient care should be approached. I experienced a professional personal touch almost non-existent in medicine today. I will have no hesitation referring anyone to you for his or her health care nor do I have any hesitation in speaking to any patient about my experience while under your care.”

— Steven*
“Dr. English & Staff,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and care while I was going through my eye surgery. You are great and your staff is the best. I am looking forward to recovering soon so I can see my new look. Thanks a million.”

— Sherry*
Dr. English & Staff,
I’m sure there is nothing I’m going to say that you haven’t heard before. But none the less, I feel the need. My experience with you and your wonderful staff has been a once in a lifetime deal. Your talents are amazing. Your “bedside” manner and caring is unbelievable! Your staff is out of this world. They make each patient feel special!

For all of this, I thank you!

Dr. English did such a great job on me- he is fabulous!!! My surgery was a life changing experience. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it has totally changed my life! For the first time in my adult life, I actually like the way I look. Never thought I’d actually get to that place, but thanks to Dr. English and all of you guys- I do!!!!
Super excited for my Mom to be able to experience the same thing. Hope to see you soon.

Dear Dr. English,

Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done. You and your entire staff have been such a blessing to me. You were always there for every question and fear. This may have been the bravest thing I have ever done and I am so proud. I’ve had one person that asked me if I had started selling makeup and she wanted to buy what I was wearing because it made me look so much younger. I have had so many compliments and I just can’t thank you enough.

The C0 2 laser has made such a difference in the texture of my skin. I feel so fortunate to have been one of the people you allowed to have had this procedure done. I still can’t believe that you did this for me.

This Thanksgiving, we were with our entire family and had family pictures made. I couldn’t believe the difference in my eyes. You could actually see them again. Robert keeps telling me that you don’t look like you’ve had anything done, but I can see your eyes. What a difference you have made in my life.

Diane and Melissa have been so patient with me when I have had to call. What a sweet voice when she answers your phone and directs you to the right person. Stefany has been the greatest. She is such an encourager and has worked with me diligently to get the right make-up and application. I could go on and on, but you surely know how wonderful each person is that works in your practice.

It just seems that “thanks” is not enough. Every morning when I get up and get my make-up on and look in the mirror, I just can’t believe what I see.

God bless you and each person that works for you. Thank you for the years of caring for others and helping them to feel better about themselves.

Dear Dr. English,
I interviewed two highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgeons before I met you. I had seen your work on two of my best friends, who told me their stories and showed me their pictures.

When I entered Dr. English’s office, I was immediately impressed with the way the office works. It is a doctor’s office with little or no wait time!

When Dr. English came in, I almost instantly knew he was the cosmetic surgeon for me. He asked questions, listened to my wishes and hopes, helped me make them more precise, and mentioned a few things I hadn’t noticed, such as fat deposits I had in the corners of my eyes.

I understood everything easily. I could see that in several areas, he chose to do something minimal because they were right for me and would make me look natural.

I realized that Dr. English is foremost an artist and committed to his patients as individuals. The work he did was better than I could have possibly imagined. It was exciting to see what he could envision. I was entranced with the promise of what could be.

Dr. English’s practice itself is a well-oiled machine specifically arranged for personal contact. Everyone knows my name and calls me by it in the hallway, not from looking at a chart.

The surgery itself was easy. I was comfortable, and every effort was made to make me so, from the concern whether I was hot or cold to Dr. English’s soft and comforting voice. I knew I was in the best hands. I knew he would not hurry to finish. We prayed at the beginning which helped set me at ease.

The office staff is very approachable. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but someone is always talking to me or taking some action to make me comfortable, treating a small issue or checking to see if I am okay.

Stefany gave me the best make-over of my life and I have had many. She chose colors which I had never tried and the ingredients are amazing.

I don’t hear from friends and acquaintances “she’s had work done.” Instead, I hear, “She looks great!” A few nights ago at dinner, my husband stopped and stared. He said, “You always look great, but tonight you look as pretty as when I met you (21 years ago!).”

Other things come indirectly from looking younger, fresher and sleeker. I have more energy at work and I want to exercise more. I had been an exercise enthusiast all of my adult life but had let it go a bit. I thought I had just “lost it” and should “settle” as many women do. Even my body is renewed.

Thanks to the entire staff and Dr. English.

Yours sincerely,

I’ve worked with Dr. English on several occasions capturing the “after” photographs of his patients. His attention to the smallest detail amazes me; he leaves nothing to chance. I recently photographed one of his patients whom I remembered from my high school years and she looked absolutely stunning. One only needs to compare the “before” shot to the “after” shot and the proof in the image speaks VOLUMES about his work and expertise.

Donna Evans*

Donna Evans Photography, Conway, AR
I routinely visit Dr. English’s office for Botox and Restylane treatments. Diane does a wonderful job making me feel comfortable. She listens to my concerns and answers any questions I may have about the procedures. The pain from her injections is minimal, but best of all, I have never been disappointed. The results are amazing and quite rewarding. I look and feel years younger.

Dr. English,
I have been a patient for about 6 years now. I have a few things that I wanted to tell you. First of all, you had your work cut out for you with my situation. I am the one who had a terrible breast augmentation from another surgeon that no one wanted to revise. You did however, and not only did you try, you were very compassionate, and understanding. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that in you.

You did your best for me, and though I still have scarring on the left breast from the multiple procedures, I have been much happier since you did your work. I decided to take your advice regarding cosmetic tattooing to camouflage the scars. I did not want to have any further surgery. I have had two sessions in your office and I can’t express to you how happy I am. I will need a few more.

This is the first time in 15 years that I can finally see me being comfortable with my shirt off. I originally did the breast augmentation because I didn’t like the way my breast looked after childbirth. I am writing you to let you know that most people do not know about this procedure and how great it is when done correctly. I can finally see me being fixed and happy. I am so excited! I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is that you offer these services in your practice and also to have someone as caring as you are that wants to help people as much as you do. Myra is just as compassionate and understanding as you are and I want to thank you both.


Ms. Stevens*
First of all just call me Dr. English’s first “Butt Implant Patient.” I am leaving my name anonymous because I am giving them permission to show the before and after pictures of me to help others who are wanting this surgery but have fears and doubts about it.
I met Dr. English several years ago and he has performed other procedures on me which have been very successful. Yet, the best one of all has been the “Butt Implants.” We all have something about our bodies that we do not like and mine was my butt because I didn’t have one. It has always been flat and I have always wanted a shapely bottom and now I have one. THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL WORK OF DR. ENGLISH.

My “Butt Implants” have changed my life and given me the confidence about myself that I have always wanted and I can’t wait until this summer to put on my two-piece bathing suit and be proud of how my bottom looks.

If you have never had a procedure of any kind performed by Dr. English; have no fear for the most amazing thing about him is that he is a Christian Man and before any surgery he prays with you that God will use “HIS HANDS” to perform another miracle while he is performing your surgery. Well, God has used “HIS HANDS” many times to perform several miracles as you can see by the pictures on his walls of his office.

After you look at my pictures, I believe all your fears and doubts will go away because you are looking at a bottom “57 YEARS YOUNG.”

Let him use “HIS HANDS” to perform that miracle that you have been waiting for. You will become a new person just as I have with confidence and no longer looking at that part of your body that you have hated all your life.

God Bless each one of you and don’t have any fear. Just “TAKE THE BIG STEP” and be happy with your body.

Recently, I underwent fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing on my face, neck and chest. As someone who had a phenol peel several years ago, I feared the recovery would be similar. Even though I was reassured by Dr. English, read about the laser and talked to several women who had the procedure, I wondered, would it hurt? Would I swell up and be unfit for human eyes for days on end? The answer to both questions was, no. Here’s my story so others will know what to expect from the procedure as well as the results.

I was informed before my appointment that numbing cream would be used to minimize the discomfort and I could also select a couple of other options. The first option was taking a valium to help me relax. But then, someone would have to drive me home. The other option was a local anesthetic injected around the most sensitive areas; my mouth and eyes. Because I’m not a big fan of needles, I opted to use only the numbing cream, especially since I was promised the valium and/or injections if the laser was uncomfortable.

Wednesday – It took about 20 minutes for the numbing cream, cool and slightly tingly, to take effect. A couple of test spots were treated to make sure the machine was properly set to my skin. Then I experienced a series of warm sensations that felt like mild pops or stings. It was very tolerable; I’ve had photo facials that were very similar. After the procedure, aloe gel was smoothed over my skin and I left the office with a red, Shiny face and a couple of prescriptions; one to minimize swelling and another to prevent infection. By the end of the day, my skin was red and looked like I had spent a day on the beach without sunscreen. The treated areas felt very warm and were slightly swollen, particularly under my eyes. As instructed, I greased my skin with petroleum jelly to keep it moist. Before bed, I took a Tylenol to counteract the mild stinging sensation and a slight headache.

Thursday – Upon awakening, I immediately peered into the bathroom mirror to assess the damage. My facial skin was a splotchy red and brown with mild swelling that was most noticeable under my eyes. My forehead was the least discolored; my neck and chest were bright red. In the past, I’ve experienced significant swelling with just about any skin treatment so I believe the medication was an important preventive measure. The stinging and headache were gone so no Tylenol was necessary. I remained thoroughly greased and discomfort from that time on.

Friday – This day was uneventful except for some subtle color changes and a reduction in swelling. Some areas of my facial skin began to flake off. I was still a victim of voluntary quarantine because I had taken vacation days off from work, was enjoying the solitude and felt self-conscious about my red, greasy appearance. I stopped taking the medication to prevent swelling because it was no longer needed.

Saturday – I went out to get groceries wearing a shirt that didn’t show my peeling, splotchy red and white neck and chest. The color of my face was normal except for some brown patches on my jaw and nose. My chin was still red and there were flakey areas on my face. My forehead was the most interesting area because it was stiff and rough-textured. All swelling was gone.

Sunday- Almost four days after my procedure, my face looked normal although a few flakey areas still remained. My neck and chest were pink and peeling while my forehead continued to feel stiff and a lot like fine sand paper. My bangs camouflaged that part of my face so there was no problem resuming my usual social activities.

Monday – I went back to work with a normal appearance except for some pink/white discoloration on my neck and chest and rough, flakey skin on my forehead.

Tuesday – All peeling is complete and my skin color is normal with the exception of a few small patches of pink on my neck and face. At this point, no one would notice anything different about my skin except that it looks softer and more youthful.

Results – My experience with the C02 laser resurfacing was very positive. I’ve already recommended it to several people. Discomfort is minimal and the recovery in only mildly inconvenient. I elected to stay home for a few days after my procedure, but that decision was based on my own self consciousness rather than any physical symptoms. In my opinion, my skin is smoother, more youthful and has a better texture than it did before the procedure. I like this method of skin resurfacing much better than other methods I’ve tried. The recovery is easier and faster than a chemical peel; the result are better than a photo facial. I plan to have this type of resurfacing on a regular basis to keep my skin healthy and looking good.


Dr. English:

I absolutely could not be more pleased! I feel great about the way I look. I wasn’t lacking in self-confidence before the procedure, but I have noticed from comments from others, they say I look better than ever and that I “carry” myself differently. Happier than they’ve ever seen.

Because I’ve had trouble with headaches since the age of 14, I have seen several doctors throughout the years and dealt with office staff. From general practitioners to neurologist, neurosurgeons, ENT’s, allergy doctors, gynecologist, urologist, eye doctors, podiatrists, dentist, and three other plastic surgeons (none of which I chose to have any work by). I have never experienced a more caring, knowledgeable, absolutely wonderful doctor and staff! If a new patient ever needs a reference, please do not hesitate to give them my phone number! Dr. English is so kind and caring and all of the ladies have been so nice, helpful and a complete pleasure to deal with! I would and actually have already been talking about and referring friends and family to you! I could not be more pleased.

Thank you for everything!

~ TL*
Dear Dr. English and Staff:

I wanted to let you know that I’m very pleases with the results from my surgery. I was a 55 year old woman requesting improvement to my lower eyelids and lower face. I had heavy bags and hollowness under my eyes. My lower face was sagging and my neck looked older than I felt. Dr. English suggested a lower facelift with a chemical peel around my eyes. After thoroughly researching Dr. English, I made a decision to have my surgery in Little Rock. I live in Northwest Arkansas, but did not find a physician in that area that I was comfortable with.

Recovery was a slight inconvenience, but the results of looking 10-15 years younger were well worth it! I will never forget the recovery process and the exceptional follow up care that I received. Dr. English and his staff were available for questions any time of the day or night. I found him to be very conscientious, compassionate, and sympathetic during my healing process. I look very natural and pretty. People are amazed when they see. Me. I highly recommend Dr. Jim English and the English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center.

~ Linda*
I have had three children and developed a complex about my vaginal area. I would not let myself be intimate for years because of my insecurities. After looking online for a doctor that did vaginal reconstruction I found Dr. English. After meeting with him I decided to do the procedure, and all I can say is that it changed my life! I am so happy that I made this decision to do this for myself! I no longer have a complex, but instead I have a new found confidence in myself that has changed me and my life!

~ Tina*
I am a 49 year old female, mother of three and have been a patient of English Plastic & cosmetic Surgery Center for several years. I believe in taking care of myself and love trying new things as the world is ever changing. I was watching “The Doctors” one day and the subject was on female sexual enhancement with sparked my attention. A lady and her husband were on the show explaining how much netter both their sexual and intimate experiences were since his wife had the procedure done. I thought, “Hey, men do it and it seems to be a hit, why not enjoy more sexual pleasure too?” This woman and her husband seemed thrilled with the results. With a couple of clicks on the computer, here comes Dr. Jim English to the rescue. In fact, his procedure was much better; it is called Fat Augmentation of the Anterior Wall.

After a few weeks of struggling with embarrassment I finally decided to talk with the female staff members and was reassured that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I was treated with utmost respect and had the procedure done with very little discomfort, with only a few hours of down time.

There are no words to describe the pleasure and intimacy I now have with my husband. This has been by far the best decision I’ve made in regards to my overall feelings of wellbeing. I recommend this procedure to all women. It truly has made my sexual experience as a woman an overwhelmingly joyful one that we should all have. Thank you, Dr. Jim English and thanks to all your staff. You all have made my life experience exceptional.


~ S.M.*
I first came to Dr. English’s clinic over twenty years ago for a cosmetic procedure on my nose. Since that time I have trusted no other doctor with my appearance. I have had several procedures over the years, and each time Dr. English and his staff have treated me with the utmost professionalism and care. Dr. English is not only an exceptional surgeon, he takes the time to listen and understand his patients’ thoughts and concerns. His staff is simply excellent, especially Diane. I had a procedure in July and Diane went out of her way to look after me and ensure that I was comfortable and healing like I was supposed to. I am grateful for her thoughtfulness and care.

Simply put, I would not go anywhere else for cosmetic surgery. These types of procedures are too costly in both time and money to trust to any other clinic.

As I entered Dr. Jim English’s office in the summer of 2013, I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed about the journey I was about to undertake. Dr. English and his amazing staff quickly put to rest my fears and walked with me through this life-changing experience with not only professionalism, but a personal commitment to not only my well-being and success, but every other patient as well. I was so very impressed with the level of care and concern that I had received while in the care of Dr. English and his staff. 

Being an insurance agent and working closely with the public, I realized that his attention to detail and quest for perfection is what now gives me the self-confidence that I desired before entering his office for the first time. I firmly believe that trusting in his expertise, compassion, and overall patient commitment has given me a positive outlook on my future. Dr English is truly my hero.

Dr. English:

Since today is possibly my final follow-up visit, I thought it would be the perfect time to write a testimonial. First of all, I want you to know how much I greatly appreciate the service, courtesy and professionalism you and your staff have shown me since I first walked into your office for a consultation. You came highly recommended to me as a FIRST choice by a colleague who had used two other cosmetic surgeons in the Little Rock area.

I consider my breast enhancement surgery a great success! It’s a procedure that I have considered for years. Many times while shopping, I would become frustrated with the way clothing fit me. In January of 2012 I told my husband that I wanted breast enhancement surgery for my 50th birthday. Because I am a very conservation, frugal and practical person this request was quite a surprise coming from me. I had zero reluctance about having the surgery because I’m a resilient person but my greatest concern was the cost. My husband researched on the internet and found an average cost. Surprisingly, on my first consultation when I received the printout of the cost of the surgery, it was ONLY “fleece” to schedule the surgery.

Once the surgery was scheduled, I never had any fear until the morning of the surgery. When I arrived at your office, I told you that fear had overcome me that morning. You said, “We will take care of that in a minute.” What you did next touched my heart and will always be treasured! You prayed with me! I have had four surgeries over my lifetime and you are the first doctor to ever pray with me. I thank God for you and how you seek His guidance daily. The entire process was easy for me, even the recovery period. The few people that knew that I had the surgery couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered. I absolutely do not have any regrets at all about having the breast enhancement surgery. I am a very HAPPY and much SATISFIED client!

~ JC*
With great confidence for Dr. English and his staff, I would like to take this opportunity to write about my recent surgery performed by Dr. English. He and his staff have shown professionalism, genuine earnest and honesty, sincerity and kindness, but most of all, the skill that Dr. English provides. Everyone was so very kind to me before, during, and after my procedures. Dr. English has demonstrated his extreme expertise, competence and skill level. I especially appreciated the honesty and sincere concern regarding my procedure and results.

I have Syringomyelia with a Medtronic shunt at T8. I feel Dr. English performed a more thorough medical history, ordered labs and took the time to review them with me. He evaluated my other conditions, my medications were carefully reviewed. Dr. English also requested a clearance from my Internal Medicine Doctor prior to surgery. I know at that time he was very safety conscious, it gave me a very confident feeling.

The nurse and the CRNA were very professional and kind. The CRNA also discussed my health issues, my medications, allergies, and all past surgeries. She also performed a medical history on me. I had also discussed my medications, history with his nurse. They were all genuinely concerned with my overall health and well being, and discussed in detail any risks, post op care, to prevent any complications. My procedures were explained to me by Dr. English and his nurse in detail several times, what to expect, all my post op care. They provided a day to day instruction list to follow and also explained it to my husband, provided him with written instruction. They called my husband to check on me the afternoon of my surgery, and called everyday for nearly three weeks.

Dr. English’s staff in the front office all knows me by my name, I never have to wait. They are all so polite and prompt. I was very impressed on the cleanliness of his office. Especially the OR suite, everything was so clean and sterile. In the OR, there were several nurses, the CRNA, they all kept me informed on what they were doing, and when the procedures would start.

I love my results, it is exactly as Dr. English said it would be, even much better that I had ever hoped for. Dr. English has demonstrated his wonderful expertise in his work, competence, compassion, and very high ethical standards. My experience was exceptional; I feel Dr. English went beyond demonstrating his skill as a plastic surgeon. I was very confident after my first consultation with him, and I knew I wanted him to perform my procedures. He holds his ethical obligations and standards very high, for himself, and his staff.

I was impressed on how his office maintains strict confidentiality regarding your records. I appreciated his true concern for my well being during, and after surgery. I appreciate the integrity of Dr. English and his entire staff. They have great communication skills. If I called, I always had a call from the nurse, the same day, regarding any questions I had. 

Dr. English and his entire staff are timeless when it comes to providing safe and quality care. I must say again, my procedures turned out exceptional. The skill of his contouring and sculpturing are amazing. He actually sculptured my face and jaw line, showing his amazing expertise. He put forth extreme care, patience, and a lot of compassion for me.

Due to his excellent work, the level of skill, and outstanding staff, I highly will refer my friends and family to him. I will be going back for future procedures due to the high standards and quality of his work.

Best Regards,

Dr. English,

Once again, I am enjoying the results of your excellent skills. My “new” waist and flat tummy are sooo much better than that “watermelon” I was carrying around!

Thanks to you, Diane, and everyone on your dedicated team. They are without a doubt THE BEST! I look forward to seeing all of you when I come for my check up. It is always a pleasure.

Respectfully and Fondly,

Choosing Dr. English for my cosmetic surgery was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. English is a highly qualified, skilled perfectionist who deeply cares about his work and patient outcomes. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve and developed a personalized plan for my surgery.

He and his excellent staff were always accessible before and after my surgery. My husband and I felt we could call with any questions at any time, especially during my recovery.

Before my surgery I looked and felt tired and old. Even when I tried to smile, I had a mad look on my face. I had completely lost touch with the real me.

My experience has truly changed my life. Not only do I look amazing and at least 20 years younger, I physically feel at least 20 years younger. I have more energy. I get out more. I exercise more and make better choices. Without being on any kind of special diet, I have lost a dress size. I feel kinder and softer on the inside. My husband of 44 years tells me everyday how beautiful I am. (Maybe I am a bit easier to love these days.) Most of all, I like myself again.

My only regret is that I wish I had rediscovered the real me sooner.

I highly recommend Dr. Jim English. Don’t wait. 

Live and love your life.

After a large amount of research on my part, I made the decision to use Dr. English and his staff for my Osteoma removal because I wanted my face to look as good as possible when it was complete. I am happier with the results that I thought possible. Because of his surgery knowledge, he was able to remove the osteoma (benign bone tumor) in the middle of my forehead without any damage to my facial nerves or muscles and because he is a plastic surgeon the result is beautiful. He was able to place the incision perfectly in my wrinkle line, it’s not even noticeable. I only wish I would have done this sooner. Dr. English and all of his office staff made this a very easy pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. English to anyone wanting plastic surgery. Great Doctor, Great Staff, Great Result, Great Experience!!!

Thank you all so much,

I am a 76 year old woman that looked 90. No matter what I have done to my face or neck or how I pile the creams and makeup I could not improve my looks.

I could NO longer stand looking at my face; so one day I drove myself to Dr. English’s Plastic Surgery Center, and said to him “Please make me look good”. I wanted my face to look young to match my wits and the rest of my body. “Just make me beautiful I repeat.”

Dr. English suggested that I have my face and eyes lifted, dermabrasion and chin implant. “Whoops what a lot of surgery”. The surgery was scheduled for the following week. 

I was so glad to proceed. What a difference in a very short time; I now look 55 years old with a beautiful complexion. My eyes are twice as big and clear and without those bags hanging down. The service, attention and caring I received was excellent. All the staff treated me as I was the only patient.

Dr. English is a professional, pleasant and caring person. He knows his work and he does it good with every detail, and always with a pleasant smile.

I like myself now, and my behavior has improved tremendously, especially when I hear my friend’s comments on how young I look.

I am now in my 9th week of recovery and I have had numerous proposals, some as young as 40 years of age.

God bless you Dr. English and may he keep you safe and in good health, and to give you the strength to continue taking care of women like me.

Dear Jim,

Where do I start and how do I find the words that relay my gratitude, admiration, and praise?  I think about it all the time, worried I won't be able to tell you how wonderful you are.

What you have done for me has changed my life in such a positive way and it so many ways, many of them completely unexpected.  I knew I would look beautiful but I didn't know that I would be so rejuvenated and restored. My energy and spirit fly!

It is a pleasure to share this experience with others.  They are so interested and many wish for themselves what I have been given.  It is so encouraging to them to let them see how wonderful the experience can be. There are, naturally, so many questions and fears that are unfounded. If I could yell it from the mountains, I would be happy to do so!

Having you as a part of my life is a blessing to me and Denny.  He has been so happy for me and so impressed with you and everyone on your team. The love, concern, and caring that is given by all is overwhelming. I simply love all of you!!!

Yes, you have added another thankful woman to your lengthy list of fans.  Your artistry is a gift from God and he loves for you to share it with us and change our lives for the better.  You must rest well at night knowing the happiness you bring to your patients. I pray for you and all of your team to continue this ministry for years to come. 

I am eternally grateful and will do all in my power to show that gratitude.

Very SIncerely,

Dear Dr. English:

I want to thank you for the outstanding surgical work that you performed on my chest, back, and abdominal region in November of 2005.  The results of the operation far exceeded my expectations.

As you may remember from our pre- and post-operative conversations, I was a competitive bodybuilder and power lifter in my late teens and early twenties, but I let family and career obligations consume me to the point that I did not take care of body. In short, I got a flabby stomach and chest, which I lacked the time and drive to rid myself of by diet and exercise.  The liposuction you performed on me got me back in the gym with my old determination to excel and motivation to compete again.

You and your staff are a true pleasure to work with, and I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone seeking a cosmetic surgeon.  If this letter can be of benefit to you, I hope that you will feel free to share it with prospective patients.


Dear Dr. English,

I want to thank you for your fine and safe work on my face and chin.  I really like having a chin, the angular look that I've never had; the nice profile - especially my nose, and of course, the diminished wrinkles.  My self-esteem has really been lifted up.  That helps, when I teach or speak. 

You are an excellent physician who is also kind and caring.  Diane and your staff are just special.  Thank you!

Bless you all,

Dear Dr. English and Staff,

After two pregnancies, Mother Nature was playing her cruel joke on me.  My body looked nothing like I remembered it in high school, especially my chest's firmness and perkiness.  But then, I found you on a referral from my mother (by the way, she looks beautiful after the work you did).

Dr. English, you made me feels so comfortable about the procedure (breast augmentation) and my own vanity.  I must say when I said I didn't want to look like a dancer, you took me seriously.  The results are astonishing!  My breasts are firm and full, they look completely natural, and they show no evidence of my pregnancy-related engorgements.

Thank you so much,

Dr. English,

Your staff is, without exception, the best I have ever seen.  This includes Myra, Sandy, Kelly, and Melissa.  These young ladies are always smiling and so willing to help in any way they can.  I believe they were genuinely interested in my well-being and they were so pleased with the results they saw on Thursday; of course, so am I.

You and your staff have made this a wonderful experience for me and I want to thank each and every one of you so much. What a great way to start the new year and the rest of my life.


Dr. English,

I have a few comments:

#1 - Your coming out personally to the waiting room to escort me back to the examination room; I liked that. (Never happened in Wisconsin)  I would call that a very caring attitude on your part. Thanks!

#2 - Your honest answers to my "not so always intelligent" questions.  Thanks for your patience.

#3 - I can't stress enough how important it is to me to have a doctor with the down-to-earth attitude that you have - almost like you were a good old farm boy in another life.

#4 - I've never known a doctor whose signature was anywhere near legible; except to a pharmacist, but yours is. (Smile)*
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. English and his staff for the excellent and professional care I was given when having plastic surgery.  If it were not for their encouragement and guidance, I would not have had the courage to have the surgery.  I feel this is the best money I ever spent as it gives me confidence and we all need this as we grow older.  I will forever be grateful to them and can assure anyone considering this type of surgery to call English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center.


Dear Dr. English,

I have never had anything that has done so much for my morale and confidence as the "makeover" you did on my face.  You are an extremely talented doctor and there is no way I can thank you enough.  You make me feel very special and I appreciate it.

Patti R.*
Dear Dr. English,

Many years ago, while you were practicing otolaryngology, my brother was involved in an industrial accident where a steel pipe crushed his nose.  He was fortunate enough to have you as his physician when you literally rebuilt his nose from the inside out.  I'm happy to report that he has had a perfectly functional - and beautiful - nose ever since.  So, you can imagine that there was never an option as to who would perform my surgery.

For approximately twenty plus years, I suffered from chronic rhinitis - running the entire allergy shot/pill roller coaster - when finally I had to have some relief.  So, I thought, why not have a rhinoplasty at the same time and soften the shape and angle of the nose I had always been so self-conscious of.  Because of your infinite wisdom, I also had a chin implant and liposuction on my neck, all of which has given me the profile I've always dreamed of.  Dr. English, it feel absolutely wonderful when people say "You look so pretty! What's different? Have you lost weight? Is it your hair?"If only they knew!

I want to thank you for your kindness, your patience, and for giving me my newfound self-confidence.  Many thanks to your nurses and the entire staff for their warm and friendly dispositions, their professionalism, their genuine concern, and their ever-present willingness to answer questions.  You and your girls were sent from heaven above!


Connie M.*
I had long planned to have a breast lift/augmentation and a tummy tuck after I had finished bearing my children.  Three, forty-plus pound weight gains along with nursing babies for total of years put a lot of wear and tear on my figure.  My intent was to seek the opinion of the three surgeons in my area for what these types of surgeries entailed, what they cost, and of course, seeking the right surgeon for me.  I left Dr. English's office to schedule my surgery for his first surgical opening after my consultation knowing that I had found my surgeon.  I met with only one surgeon, and I needn't look anywhere else!  I was convinced just by meeting with him, meeting his caring, attentive staff, and seeing the work in his portfolio that Dr. English is the only surgeon I would ever consider.  I'm so thrilled with my results.  My flat stomach and firm breasts remind my husband and me of the girl my husband married over ten years ago!

Thank you Dr. English!

I came to know Dr. English in 1993 when I had my ears pinned (otoplasty); my experience was wonderful and I was, and still am, very pleased with the results. Consequently, when I decided to have a breast augmentation procedure in November of 1999, it never occurred to to me to consider anyone but Dr. English.  I have tremendous respect for him and his work.  Dr. English is wonderful and never made me feel very comfortable.  Everyone in the clinic is very friendly and always willing to help.  It has been three months since my breast augmentation procedure, and I am elated with the results.  I feel so much better about myself and the way I look in my clothes.  Initially, I was worried about scanning but have been delighted to see my scars virtually disappear in only three months.  Dr. English is superior!

Dr. English and Staff,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and care while I was going through my eye surgery. You are great and your staff is the best.  I am looking forward to recovering soon so I can see my new look. Thanks a million!

Dear Dr. English,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your entire staff for your exceptional care in the treatment of my facial injuries.  I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with your outstanding expertise and the amount of compassion shown to me during the entire treatment process.  I could not be more pleased with the results!  You are to be commended for your talent and caring nature.  You have helped me get my life back together.*
I first met Dr. English about seven years ago. My son was twenty-two years old at the time.  He had heard so many great things about Dr. English and also had been fortunate enough to see his work.  He wanted him to fix his nose, which had been broken several times over the years.  

My husband and I were both very impressed with Dr. English the first time we met him.  He has a confidence about him that comes across to you immediately.  That's so important to me.  His work is so natural looking it's unbelieveable. You'd think the person was born that way.

Since then, he has sewn my earlobe back together due to wearing heavy-pierced earrings over the years.  Everyone was astonished at the work.  You couldn't find any evidence of it having been sewn.

In January, he moved my septum over and tilted up my nose.  All I can say is that I love it, and my profile looks beautiful.  I wish I had known him much earlier in my life.  I know I would have had a lot more self-esteem and confidence.  

Dr. English has a warm, friendly personality.  He is a wonderful Christian and family man.  In my opinion, he is a perfectionist about his work and takes great pride in it.

He has a wonderful staff working for him. I was called everyday to see if I was doing okay.  They make sure the procedure goes well for you. I don't remember experiencing any pain. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Whatever a person wants to have done, whether it's a chin implant, facelift, your nose made to look better, etc.. you owe it to yourself to go to the most competent and best in his field.  I know that I have and I am thankful for it.

Having been under your care for almost four months, it is very easy for me to understood why I was referred to to you. You thorough examination revealed  a much more serious problem than was first identified; one which would not have been identified until much later with potentially much more serious consequences.  You spent that time necessary with me to make sure I understood the procedure you were going to perform.  You answered all the questions I thought to ask after I had left your office, fully and without hesitation during the time leading up to surgery.

Having had this procedure twenty-five years ago, I was dreading the same recovery period and discomfort I had experienced during that time.  This time my discomfort level was almost non-existent and my recovery time was less than half from my previous experience.  I attribute this directly to your skill as a surgeon and your ability to put an apprehensive patient at ease prior to and after surgery.

I also want to compliment your staff.  I have visited your office no less than seven times.  Each and every time I was met with a genuine smile from all your staff whether they worked in a direct patient care capacity or not.  Your entire staff was genuinely concerned for my well being.  After my surgery, a member of your staff contacted me daily for the next seven days including that Christmas and following weekend.  I cannot tell you how impressive this was to me.

Dr. English, I have been a licensed medical professional for over twenty-five years.  I have rarely seen, much less experienced, such a high level of patient care as I have from you and your staff at English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center.  You and your staff provide an excellent example of how patient care should be approached.  I experienced a professional, personal touch almost non-existent in medicine today.  I will have no hesitation in speaking to any patient about my experience while under your care.


Have you ever looked at your face in the mirror and turned to look over your shoulder to find the "old" person you see reflected there?

Let me relate my experience with English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center.  After years of watching gravity take it's toll on my face, I decided to invest in "me".  I researched and selected three surgeons for consultations.  Dr. English was my second and within five minutes of my consultation, I knew I had found the right surgeon for me!  He is dedicated to a natural look.  He took time to really look at me and suggest a combination of procedures that would best give me the results I wanted.  He is an absolute perfectionist, which is certainly a quality I found appealing in a person about to work on my face.

Every member of the center's staff is warm and friendly and I felt like it was a team effort to help me achieve my new look.  All of my questions were answered, concerns fully addressed so I felt very comfortable.  The very best part of my experience is the's even better than I had hoped for!  I feel so good about the whole experience and it's wonderful to look in a mirror and see the "me" I feel inside.  

Dear Dr. English,

I have asked three physicians for a referral and had them all refer me to one physician last year when I found myself in need of some reconstructive surgery.  Three physicians, all with different specialties, from different medical centers in Little Rock referred me to you.*
Dr. English,

Even though I am not a good writer of words.  I feel in my heart that I need to express how grateful to you I am.  You touched my heart over 20 years ago with your goodness, genuine care, and concern for my well being. 

Now, after all these years have passed and I needed your services again, your compassion for myself and others has not changed. I feel truly blessed that in this big world our paths have crossed.  You and your staff are a gift from heaven.  May the goodness and kindness you all so freely give be multiplied ten fold in your lives.

May God Bless You All and Thank You,

My Primary Care Doctor suggested that I get a tummy tuck. That it would improve my physical health and that over all I would be pleased with my appearance. I had tried to lose weight and exercise in that area with no results. He suggested that Dr. English would be a good fit for me, considering my battle with Type Two Diabetes.

Dr. English considered my age and my health and had my surgery in two stages, liposuction first, then the tummy tuck. He gave me instructions on what I needed to do to insure a healthy outcome.

The day finally came and I was so happy and excited, because this was the first step in getting some control of my life. My wonderful husband had just retired and was able to take care of me. I never felt so loved and cared for. The results of how I felt and the energy were something that I had not felt in years. I went from 67 to 30 something, my breathing function of my internal organs was better. My overall experience left me with no regrets.

Little did I know that after my healing my husband would have a stroke, and all that energy would help me to take care of him. Well a year has passed after the stroke and we both felt my surgery was a blessing because it improved my health and I was able to care for my husband myself. His health also improved. We decided, why not do something else to improve my transformation- A “facelift”.

My husband and I really like my youthful face and he says that he loves looking at me. He has always said that I was beautiful, but he has never said that he loves looking at me. I am really pleased with the care I received from my Doctor and his friendly staff that took such great care of me.

I love and respect you all! 

Thank you,

Dear Dr. English & Staff,

I am writing this letter in hopes that you will share it with prospective clients. 

It’s hard to find a good doctor- even harder to find a great one and I hope that by sharing my personal experience, other individuals will feel confident in their decisions.

This is actually my second experience with you and your exceptional staff. I came to you for the first time over two years ago. I had done my research, compared local and national doctors and for the very first time in my life, made an appointment to talk to a doctor about a facelift. I met with you and Diane- I talked about what my concerns were, you listened and although it made me a little uncomfortable, you actually looked at me. You took what I wanted and discussed procedures and what I would need to actually achieve what I wanted. You were kind, thorough, there was never any pressure…and I thought about it. Scheduling that surgery was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. You are an extremely talented and skillful surgeon- I listened to you, followed your instructions, appreciated your honesty, and I had exceptional results. Everything I had thought about you…your skill…your amazing talent was all true- and my life is better.

I returned to your office in March, 2016, to discuss additional concerns- specifically my flabby arms and stomach. I had forgotten that “look” as you once again looked at the areas that were of concern to me. You explained the surgeries, mentioned how you didn’t like scars (certainly I was in agreement), talked about liposuction, the procedure, etc. It was easier for me this time- I already trusted you, had benefited from your talent and skill, and I knew my results would be wonderful. And, I want anyone reading this to know that I wasn’t someone who had “just a little” fat that needed to be removed- 4900 ccs were removed. I never took one pain pill, was back at work in a week, and even at this point in the healing process, I am thrilled- my clothes fit better, I feel great and I “look pretty good”! 

Although I have been to you twice, I want you to know that I never ever saw cosmetic surgery as something that would be for me. I expected that I would get older, I would not have spent the money on me, and my life would be good.

Please know that I am privileged to have gotten older… but I’m not dead and have lots of things that I will accomplish, have lots to give and futures to be a part of. I also realized that I’m worth what the procedures cost (although I have always been pleasantly surprised by your charges… the best deal in town). And, my life is great!

So, if someone is thinking about any procedure, my advice is don’t let your fears or misconceptions stop you. I’d be happy to answer any questions about my experience with Dr. English and his staff. Life is short and we should be the best we can be - all of our life.

You’re in great hands!

Sharon *
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Jim English and his staff.  I was scared going into my nose and facelift surgery, but Dr. English and his nurse, Diane, talked me through each step and made me feel calmer about the whole procedure.  I was very pleased with the outcome of both my nose and facelift surgery.  I couldn't be happier!  Dr. English is a great surgeon and a wonderful, caring person at the same time. When it comes to your face, you want the best plastic surgeon and you want to be able to put your full trust in him and his staff.  I will never go to another plastic surgeon., because Dr. English and his staff are the best you can find.

-Tina S.

*Results can vary per patient

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