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Laser procedures are becoming a huge part of cosmetic and medical procedures for a number of reasons. They offer precise, effective and even comfortable treatments. There are many lasers on the market, and each is designed for a specific use. It is our goal to use the most effective lasers available without compromising the safety and comfort of our patients. These are the carefully selected lasers that we use for our cosmetic and medical treatments.



The Spectrum laser is a unique device that comes with five different heads to provide a range of treatments. These include:

  • Q-Switch 523 and 1064 – The Q-switch attachment is used for tattoo removal, which often takes multiple treatments. This treatment is customizable to work better with the color of the ink used.

  • Diode 810nm – The Diode attachment is used exclusively for hair removal. This is typically used for the face, underarm and small areas. A topical gel is used to aid in this procedure.

  • IPL – The IPL head is designed to treat facial veins or rosacea. The power settings are adjustable, so treatment starts at the lower setting and is then adjusted after assessing the initial response.

  • Long Pulse Yag 1064nm – This head is used to treat vascular areas or broken capillaries. Similar to IPL, treatment begins with a lower energy that can be increased after gauging the skin’s initial response.

  • Erbium Yag 2640nm – We use this laser head for mild skin resurfacing, as well as skin tightening around the eyelids. This specific laser provides much longer tightening results than is offered by similar treatments.



This Phoenix laser has replaced older CO2 technology and allows for the treatment of different areas of the body thanks to customizable hand pieces. We use this laser to correct discoloration in the skin, including age spots. It can also help with skin texture, skin tightening and reducing the appearance of fine lines. This laser can be used on the chest, arms, hands, neck and even the face.

Another feature of the Phoenix 15 laser is its ability to provide vaginal rejuvenation treatments. The vaginal tightening this treatment offers used to only be attainable with surgery, but can now be achieved with just a few painless treatments. This vaginal rejuvenation method can help with incontinence and sexual dysfunction without any downtime.

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