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Mohs Reconstruction Surgery in Little Rock, AR

Dr. English, a triple board-certified surgeon at English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, offers various plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures to the residents of Little Rock, Conway, Pulaski County and the surrounding communities in Arkansas.

What is Mohs Reconstruction Surgery?

Mohs micrographic surgery was named after its founder, Dr. Frederic Mohs. He was able to remove skin cancers with a high degree of accuracy while preserving the non-cancerous areas around them. It has now become the procedure of choice for removing malignant skin lesions because the percentage of cure is in the ninetieth percentile, and as mentioned, it preserves more of the noncancerous skin to facilitate the reconstructive effort. Dr. English is proud to offer Mohs reconstruction surgery at his practice in Little Rock.

This technique of cancer removal on the skin’s surface is extremely crucial in and around areas of the face and body where vital structures are located, such as the eye, ear, mouth, so as much normal tissue is left to prevent distortion of the anatomy during the reparative procedure.

Though most of the defects left behind following removal of skin cancers are small, at times they can be rather large. However, with good surgical design and technique, the goal of any Mohs procedure is to first eradicate the disease, followed by repairing the area. In most cases, the repair is performed the day that the cancer is removed.

How much does Mohs reconstruction surgery cost in Little Rock?

Each Mohs reconstruction surgery is unique because it is performed with YOU in mind. Since your needs will be different from other patients, it will not be possible to provide you with an exact cost until after you meet with Dr. English the first time. Once he has established a treatment plan, we can then go over the cost and discuss which method of payment might be right for you. We accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards, in addition to financing through CareCredit® or MedLoanFinance.com.

Mohs reconstruction surgery is generally considered elective, and is therefore not covered under most health insurance plans. As such, our office does not accept any form of health coverage.

Mohs Reconstruction surgery sounds interesting. What should I do next?

Maybe you are reluctant to have reconstructive surgery done on your face because you really do not know what it is all about. Not to worry! If you believe Mohs reconstruction surgery at our Little Rock surgery center may be right for you and you reside in the Little Rock, North Little Rock, or Pine Bluff region, call our office to schedule your Mohs reconstruction consultation. There is no obligation. Dr. English will address any remaining questions and concerns you have during the consultation. Just make a note of them and bring them along to your consultation. We will be happy to address all these issues during your visit. We can also show you some amazing Mohs reconstruction surgery before and after pictures. Call now to schedule your confidential appointment. Do it now. You’ll be glad you did!

If you would like to look and feel your very best, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jim English, triple board certified in cosmetic procedures for the face and body. We look forward to seeing you during your Mohs reconstruction surgery consultation.