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Eliminate Your Post Pregnancy Paunch With Liposuction

The joy of a new baby is one of the greatest feelings a parent can experience, but it isn’t all toothless smiles and baby kisses. Pregnancy and childbirth take their toll on a woman’s body. And getting rid of that post-pregnancy paunch can be difficult, especially when you consider the challenge of raising a little one. Come on in to English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, and kiss that post-baby belly goodbye with liposuction.

Can Liposuction Eliminate a Pregnancy Paunch?

After pregnancy, many women are surprised to discover new fat pockets in areas where they’ve never had a problem. This new fat is often resistant to diet and exercise, sticking around no matter what you try. What’s a new mom to do? Liposuction might be the solution you’re seeking. It can sculpt the body after pregnancy, restoring definition, removing undesired fat, and slimming the abdominal area. For some women, a tummy tuck isn’t necessary; liposuction can do the trick and restore your body and your confidence after baby.

Liposuction is a great choice for removing stubborn pregnancy fat. Diet and exercise are still essential; liposuction simply complements your efforts, helping to remove resistant fat deposits and sculpt your body into an attractive and desirable shape. Come in for a consultation and discuss your options. We can help you determine if liposuction will help your meet your post pregnancy body goals.

Can I Manage Liposuction Recovery and a New Baby?

Many new moms worry that they won’t be able to handle the stress of a new baby and recovery from liposuction; surprisingly most people find that liposuction recovery isn’t that difficult. Your specific recovery times will vary depending on the type of liposuction you receive and over which areas. Your surgeon will discuss the specifics of recovery with you before surgery.

Most people experience some bruising and swelling for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Any pain can be managed with pain medications.

Love your post pregnancy body again with liposuction from English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Call us today at (501) 227-9556 to schedule your consultation.

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