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Lash Out With Fierce, Full Eyelashes!

At English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, we have helped many individuals with plastic surgery procedures that have completely changed their lives. For some, it's years being erased with a facelift. Others may be interested in firming the abdominal area with a Tummy Tuck. There are many different aspects that can lead an individual to suffer lower self-esteem, but for some, the imperfection is as small as an eyelash.

Thin eyelashes are a problem for many people, especially for women. As we age, our lashes tend to get thinner, shorter, and may lose their color. Some of us are born with naturally shorter lashes or sparse lashes, which can affect how we feel about ourselves. For women, thinning lashes is an issue because the eyes are a very important aspect of a woman’s femininity. They are forced to spend money on makeup products that will rub off, or on fake lashes that can be painful to wear. But now, there’s a solution for individuals who are tired of dealing with thin eye lashes, and it goes by the name Latisse.

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment for the strengthening and darkening of lashes that can help them grow longer and fuller. Latisse is simple to use and is non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about any incisions, anesthesia, or pain. The medication is applied along the lash line on the upper eye lids daily, and results can be seen in as little as two months.

According to studies on Latisse, patients who underwent the treatment reported an 18 percent increase in eyelash darkness, a 25 percent increase in eyelash strength, and a phenomenal 106 percent increase in eyelash thickness and fullness. Additionally, Latisse is not a permanent solution, and once the treatment stops, lashes will return to their natural form. Some patients find it comforting that they have the control over how long to use the treatment for. Many individuals are not fans of permanent changes, so Latisse is ideal for those who would like to be in charge of their treatment and results.

If you are tired of dealing with thin lashes, Latisse may be ideal for you. But Latisse is not just any other eye product that can be obtained over the counter. The treatment must be prescribed by a doctor or plastic surgeon, and many are inexperienced with Latisse .

Dr. English can prescribe and administer Latisse treatments for patients who want fuller, lush lashes that will be noticed right away. Our first priority is our patients, and we take the time to gain experience with the latest innovations in aesthetics and focus on providing patients with optimal treatment options.

Is Latisse right for you? Contact us at (501) 227-9556 to schedule a consultation and be on your way to thicker, gorgeous lashes.

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