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Read My Lips... Bold Is In!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and immediately saw something you would like changed? I think we all have. For many it’s thinning lips they notice right away. While it’s not necessarily a flaw, thin lips are out and bold lips are in! In fact, the desire for bold, luscious lips is all the rage. After all the lips are one of the most important features of your face—aside from your eyes. While your eyes may be the gateway to the soul, the lips tell someone how to get there!

One common reason why many choose to enhance their lips is for a fuller and more defined appearance. Some people are born with thin lips, while other people suffer from these issues because of aging. Aging can cause lips to descend, especially the upper lip, which makes them less appealing and may be visually distracting from the rest of your face.

A lip injection can help restore your self-confidence and make you look and feel younger instantly. The process is simple. Commonly called “lip plumping,” receiving injections will restore that fullness back and it is a simple, fast procedure. The lips are injected with a natural injectable such as Restylane, takes about an hour and requires no downtime.

Lip augmentation is another option for those who are struggling with sagging lips or what is commonly referred to as a “permanent frown.” This procedure will restore the upper lip, helping your lips become fuller without being injected although injections can still be done after the lip augmentation has been completed if desired.

You are in control and have the choice of how full you want your lips. Maybe just a little volume is all you need. Or maybe you want voluptuous lips that have that Angelina Jolie pout. Whatever your lips desire, we can give you the beautiful results you want! Contact us today at (501) 227-9556 for an express appointment and be ready when Cupid comes a knocking!

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