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A thigh lift, also known as a leg lift or thighplasty, can be performed on the outer thighs, inner thighs or both. The need for removal of excess skin can be brought on with age, pregnancies, excessive weight loss, etc. If the legs are large from fatty deposits, then Dr. English’s preference is to “stage” the leg lift by first reducing the size with liposuction and then lifting them several months later when the swelling from the removal of the fat has subsided. This insures a better result by reducing and firming the legs via the two procedures.

More commonly than not, these procedures are part of a body lift that Dr. English performs at the English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Little Rock, AR. It is unusual for a patient to have localized fullness/looseness of one area without having similar issues in others areas. However, some patients do have only one or two areas of concern and those findings, upon an examination in the office, will determine Dr. English’s recommendations for that particular patient.


Many of our patients are concerned because their thighs rub together, making it uncomfortable to wear shorts or a bathing suit. For those who frequently experience chafing, a thigh lift may be able to provide the much-needed space in between the thighs. During your consultation, you should let Dr. English know that one of your goals is a thigh gap so that he can tailor his surgical procedure accordingly.


Except for liposuction, these types of body contouring procedures produce scars which are placed in as inconspicuous a place as possible. The inner thigh lift scar is placed within the groin crease. The outer thigh lift scar is placed at the juncture of the flank and upper hip region slightly below where you might wear your belt. Regardless of the scars from these lifting procedures, they tend to heal very well with time and rarely require revision. As with any incisional scar, post-operative taping will keep them from widening. Whether a few or several inches of skin and fat are removed when tightening the legs, the incisional placement and length of the scar are individualized and our patients are usually ecstatic about their results.

If an outer and/or inner leg lift is done without a corresponding body lift, then typically, the leg lift can be performed in our surgical facility on an outpatient basis. A spandex garment is usually worn for several days to deter swelling and provide a layer of comfort to the leg itself as the process of healing takes place. Downtime is measured in days not weeks, however, exercise is not allowed for several weeks to prevent problems with wound healing. As always, the results are forthcoming several months following the procedure and good attention to our post-operative instructions will help facilitate rapid healing.

If you would like to look and feel your very best, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. English. We look forward to seeing you!

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