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A person’s chin profile is determined by a multiplicity of parameters, including their gender, their height, the shape of their face, the projection of their nose, their hair pattern and so on and so forth. If a person has a weak profile because of their chin, it will interfere with the harmony of their facial features. A chin augmentation can restore balance to your facial profile and strengthen the appearance of a receding chin.


At Dr. English’s practice in Little Rock, chin augmentation is performed via an intraoral incisional approach or an external incision below the prominence of the chin, approximately one or two centimeters. The implants that Dr. English uses are of a high-grade Silastic® polymer that are tissue soft and have been used successfully over the past two decades with excellent results. The implants are computer generated and are anatomically correct in their shape and size. Depending on the patient’s needs determined by examination and photo-documentation, your surgeon will recommend a particular size and shape for placement. Whether performed by itself or in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, nasal surgery or liposuction of the neck, a properly positioned chin can create an aesthetically pleasing result that compliments the entire face.

As with all surgical procedures by Dr. English, this type of surgery is performed in his office’s surgical suite located in Medical Towers II on the Baptist Medical Campus and can be performed under a local or a general anesthetic.


A dressing is no longer placed on the operative site and the small incision with its attendant sutures are kept clean and moist for the first week. Swelling can be minimal to moderate but most of it is usually gone within three to six weeks. The final results should be apparent in three to four months and may depend on additional procedures performed.

Discomfort and tightness are also minimal to moderate for the first few days but rapidly decreases afterwards. Some patients complain of a numb feeling in the area of implantation that may take a few days to several weeks to improve and is usually predicated on the size of the implant that was placed.

If you would like to look and feel your very best, contact us today to schedule a chin augmentation consultation with Dr. English. We look forward to seeing you!

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