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The size and shape of a woman’s breast can define her sexuality and affect her self-image. Many women who are unhappy with their breasts suffer from low self-esteem or feel embarrassed about their appearance. Some women are so self-conscious about their breasts that they even avoid wearing swimsuits and certain types of clothing.

At English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. English offers a variety of breast surgery procedures that give the breast a natural look, accentuate the female figure, and enhance the overall appearance of the body. 


If you are interested in undergoing a breast procedure, it’s important to fully understand what the breast procedure entails, how long it will take, and what the recovery period will be like. Dr. Jim English, a board-certified facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery procedures, invites you to contact his office in Little Rock to schedule your breast procedure consultation.


If you would like to look and feel your very best, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. English. We look forward to seeing you!

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