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9 Benefits in 1 Product!

blinc Shadow Fusion Palette

It’s here! The new Shadow Fusion Palette by blinc! This eye shadow palette combines the best attributes of liquid, gel, powder and cream shadows into one “life proof” formula that delivers 9 benefits in 1 product:

  1. No fading.

  2. No creasing.

  3. No smudging.

  4. Smooth application.

  5. Easy blending.

  6. Intense color.

  7. Fills in fine lines.

  8. Long wearing.

  9. Anti-aging.

Blinc’s innovative blend provides a luxurious shadow that glides on smooth, blends seamlessly ,and offers a velvety, highly-pigmented finish. The color lasts all day without fading, creasing ,or smudging. Anti-aging ingredients treat the skin while filling in existing fine lines for silky smooth coverage, while light-diffusing properties offer a soft focus effect on the lid.

Blinc Shadow Fusion Palette contains ten natural looking shades, featuring five matte finish shadows and five pearl finish shadows. The color mixture includes two highlighting shades, one highlighting/overall color shade, four lid shades, one crease shade, and 2 liner/crease shades. The palette also includes a professional quality shade & blend duo brush, designed for the smooth and even application of eye shadow. It features a wooden handle with metal ferrule and is assembled using the highest quality materials.

With hours of long wearing beauty ,you remove it only when you’re ready with any gentle makeup remover.

Let us show you how to have a smudge proof, non-creasing look that lasts until you take it off! Contact us at (501) 227-9556.

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