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Facelift vs. Facial/Submental Liposuction

Baby boomers have more options than ever before in today’s arena of cosmetic surgery. No longer is the first answer a facelift. There are less invasive techniques with less recovery time available. In our world today, time is money and a long recovery time is not feasible for everyone. If a patient comes in and does not like their neck/jowl area and it is not significant enough for a facelift, they may be a candidate for liposuction in this area. A small 2mm punch is used to create a small opening in the skin through which the liposuction is performed.

As one ages, the fat tissue tends to fall from it’s original position to a place it doesn’t belong, along the jowl line and under the chin among other areas. This shows a heavy jowl and fullness of the submental area. All patients do not have the same heritage, so they all present with different facial issues. Here is where the less invasive procedures come into play. If one can get tightening and less fullness with less invasive procedures and wait until later in life for the bigger procedure of a facelift, it can be a win-win for some patients.

Another option is for a patient that has a deficiency of their chin. This is where the chin does not protrude outward enough to produce balance of the overall facial symmetry, which is much more noticeable from the side profile. This can be remedied with a small incision under the chin and placement of a silicone implant. In addition to this procedure, facial or submental (under neck area) liposuction can be performed to removed excessive fatty tissue and to cause tightening of the skin. The more small procedures done, the better the result.

These less invasive procedures also come with a smaller price tag, another plus in our everyday expenses.

Interested in liposuction of the facial areas? Call English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center at (501) 227-9556 to schedule your consultation with Dr. English.

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