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But First... Let Me Take A Selfie!

Years ago, people seeking cosmetic surgery would bring pictures of celebrities to their doctor — and ask for “Angelina Jolie’s lips,” “Kate Beckinsale’s nose,” or “Jennifer Aniston’s arms.”

But now people bring in their selfies — filtered through Instagram.

It’s a huge trend that we’re seeing more and more of. Selfies are everywhere. Go to a restaurant and people are stacked up behind the arm of a cell phone posing for a selfie. Instagram is flooded with the selfie crazed photos. It’s being socially engaged and definitely a part of our culture. People are bringing in pictures of themselves taken at a favorite angle or filtered, and saying they want to look like that all the time. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says there’s been a 33% bump in procedures driven by self-awareness from social media since 2013.

Just about anyone can look refreshed thanks to Photoshop—which many celebrities admit to using in order to always look their best. But real life requires real solutions, and that’s where we come in.

At English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, we have an arsenal of minimally invasive, lunch-break treatments for under $1,000. The results are outstanding, but friends and family often don’t know that any work was done. Some describe post-treatment as looking really well-rested. Wrinkles or fine lines diminished and blemishes visibly improved. No more relying on the Amaro filter to soften those selfies when you have Restylane and Belotero fillers to reduce lines around the mouth and marionettes. And forehead lines or those pesky 11’s between the brows? BOTOX can take care of that. Maybe you need a little lip action? Plump that pucker with a filler; the immediate result it gives is amazing! Partnered with an Ultra Jessners Facial Peel and Microdermabrasion treatment, the result is that you look like you, but better. Amazingly better!

We’re taking selfies to a whole new level! To learn what’s right for you, contact us today at (501) 227-9556.

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