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A Novel Approach For Tumor Removal

A 64 year old nurse was seen recently in our facility with a diagnosis of a large fatty tumor located on top of her left shoulder. Her previous treatment plan was to have it removed by making a rather large unsightly scar. She presented to us to determine whether or not there was any other options.

We discussed its removal using liposuction through a vaccination site on the outside of her arm that she had from her childhood days. This was done under a light general anesthetic without difficulty. Thirty ccs of fatty material was removed without creating any unsightly scars. Her recovery was uneventful. At three months post-operative, she was very pleased with the results. (See before and after pictures.)

Large Fatty Tumor Removal Using Liposuction | English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center | Little Rock, AR
Tumor Removal Before / After

These type of benign tumors can usually be removed via the technique of liposuction where a small tube is inserted under the skin from a small pencil lead site remotely without having to cut it out. In today’s environment, technology can afford our patients better alternatives.

Have a large tumor that you need to have removed? Call English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center at (501) 227-9556 to schedule your surgical consultation.

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